5 Tips to Create A Good Brochure for Your Business

Business brochures need to be effective. Stand-out brochures with to-the-point information and a stylish presence tend to grab readers’ attention and are read. Avis Printing offers the following information on creating an excellent brochure for your business.

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Stand-out brochures

You put the brochure into your customers or prospects hands. Their first impression will make the difference in the attention they offer the brochure. Making a standout brochure is essential. Bright and vibrant colour schemes that grab the viewers’ eyes are necessary. What’s next is good design & content to keep that attention. Should it be “just a brochure?” Never. With colour schemes, content, and some innovative designs like a fold fashion brochure, you have a stand-out brochure that gets the attention it is designed to provide.


Don’t make your readers dizzy with too many fonts. When you are designing your brochure, a heading, subheading and the body cop font are sufficient. Too many fonts and your readers will be all over the place.


Your paper choice should be considered an asset of the brochure. Quality is important. The standard paper stock is standard A4; however, there are many choices, so don’t limit yourself.


Your brochure needs to stand out. Complicated and lengthy content loses the attention of readers. Sometimes the best content is short, to the point sentences with short paragraphs of four or five sentences. This keeps their attention, is easier to read, and is to the point.

Pen to Paper

Grab a pen and paper and start to sketch ideas. Brainstorm with your colleagues and put your ideas to paper. Brainstorming first will be more effective than taking a brief away and working on a few copies to see what is best.

There are elements in making a brochure. Setting down to design a brochure isn’t cut and dry. You will need to consider many factors in design, content, and quality. Avis Printing is professional printers that provide our clients with optimal assistance in brochure designs, Flyer & construction. We provide printing services Sydney / CBD of exceptional quality without the high costs of some printing Sydney services. For more information on our services, or to get a quote or assistance with your brochure, please contact us at the number below, or visit our homepage to complete our enquiry form.

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