Do business cards still matter?

What a business card says about your business is that you are serious about it.

Seriousness works in business. No-one likes having their time wasted – so having a Business Card in your pocket and handing it out to a potential client in Sydney is as important today as having an office, is, today.

It signposts intent- a desire for a goal – and the willingness to work to achieve it.

What a business card makes your engagement? Personal.

Unless you engage with your clients in a manner that is personal, you won’t have a relationship with them. And until you do, you will make everything, except money.

The first sign you have a relationship with a person that is special is when they pay you to deliver goods and services, that to be honest, anyone can.

business card printing

Business cards are read the way books are

Deeply, and studiously.

Every element on your business card says something about you. What you value in others and yourself.

Values must match before people will. So, the way a business card is designed is key to a brand – what it communicates to oneself as well as others.

Today, a good Printing Service in Sydney will offer quality digital business cards printing service, to help you create a good first impression with your clients and prospects.

If we are slaves, it is to communication

Words and visuals make pronounced judgements on us. And they remain – for all the world to see.

But we can change these judgements with ease. All we have to change is our self-image and the identity it carries with it.

Find the gap – then narrow it

A well-designed card takes into account what we are saying about ourselves and what our business cards are. The designer narrows the gap between the two, so what the card conveys about us is the truth about who we are, what we do and why people should support our brand or business.

First impressions are last impressions

It’s a well-known fact in psychology that first impressions stick the way labels do.

So, to ensure your business and brand leaves an impression that has people wanting to work with you, you must carry the right card with you.

A card that is professionally designed sends the right signals to prospective clients who may have a need for the products and services you provide.

The worst thing you can be in business is impersonal

And unfortunately, what a lot of digital cards make people feel is like they don’t exist. When anyone makes people feel like they are unimportant, the relationship comes to a resounding halt.