How to choose the right types of paper stock for your Printing needs Sydney

Choosing the right type of paper stock before having it printed out is an extremely crucial task. The quality of the paper and its type affects the overall outlook of your product and its general effect on the audience you wish to reach out to.

It isn’t unusual to not know exactly what paper stock is best suited for your printing needs. But if that is the case with you then all you really have to do is ask us for advice on the matter and we will be more than happy to lend you our expertise.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Types of paper stock and their purpose

The factors that usually account for the differences in the types of paper stock are its thickness, weight and their shininess. Keeping these properties of the paper in mind, the next step is to decide what exactly the paper will be used for and what will be the treatment it is expected to receive by the recipient. Will it be used as a brochure, poster or a letter?

If the paper is expected to spend most of its time out in the open, then it needs to be made of a durable material that is likely to last longer.

If it will be kept indoors within drawers (for example, a letter) then you can easily opt for a paper of little thickness.

Here is a small list of stock weights and how you can you use them:

· 90 – 100gsm: Used for stationery, text for magazines, as well as flyers and brochures.
· 120 – 170gsm: Ideal for booklets, raffle tickets, flyers and brochures.
· 150gsm – 170gsm is also a great stock for posters.
· 200 – 250gsm: good choice for magazines and booklet covers.
· 205gsm paper or 220gsm vinyl: preferable for wide format posters.
· 280 – 420gsm: Used for cards of all sorts and book and booklet covers.

All of this can be really overwhelming if you are really new to this sort of thing, which is why you can depend upon us cheap printing Sydney services to help you choose the right type of paper stock be it for offset printing or Digital Printing.

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