Printing Job Enquiries

1.300msg gloss 1pms

2.TIME TECH Accessories

3.Double sided, Lowest quality paper

4.Pull Up Banner for multiple use with metal frame. Looking for a quote on price

5.100 business cards
70 flyers of each information sheet (3 different types)
Would this be possible to complete by Wednesday (21/3) afternoon if we can give you the confirmed designs early tomorrow morning?

Just wanted to know how much it costs to get 100, 300gms full-colour, double-sided business cards printed with Avis.

6.Hi. Was hoping for your help with a print quote.
I’m designing weight range labels for disposable emergency respiratory device bags. It’s for an anesthetist on a close to zero budget.

* Square adhesive labels
* Size 10cmx10cm or slightly smaller (but we can be guided by you if there is standard size that is close to that)
* On a roll?
* Must attach attach securely to slightly lumpy plastic packaging
* Unsure on finish and weight (instant recognition of label is key so better/tougher than make your own with inkjet printer, but less robust than vinyl decal)DESIGNS
* 6 designs. Each has solid colour background with a weight range and an animal in that weight range in black or white. example of first label attached
* Vector design just being finished in Indesign so just need your tech specs.

* Batches of 50? (perhaps tell how many are on a roll and we’ll probably order a roll for each design or something)
* Useful to get some test samples so he can be satisfied they are suitable.
* Printed as soon as you can fit in to your schedules as they having the carts for these devices delivered this week.
I think that’s all the bits but please let me know if you need to know more.

Just so you know I’m getting in touch with a few printers in the vicinity of Westmead today (Wednesday) and will try to give you a yes or no tomorrow.

7.Can i get price for colour and black and white please.

8.could you please give me a quote on printing 10 to 20 receipt books . Black ink only on white paper with a carbon copy. The printing format should be the same. However, we have changed the trading name which, I will send to you later on.

9.60 pages
Celloglazed finish
Saddle stitched
Might need help with artwork and/or design
4 different types of booklet (50 of each)
Required for 1 oct 2018 cob
Could have artwork ready by 1 July 2018 cob

10.Can you match these colours as well as cut  out? As I do not want a background if possible

11.Like to get a quote on core flute signs please

12.we rlooking for decals stickers for our boats, 220 by 350-400 or so

13.I was hoping to have this printed.  We would want the white areas between the design to non existent, so that the badge stands out against the glass window it is going on.  Dimensions wise, probably keeping in aspect with the badge around 250mm high?

14.Need quote for A4 booklet 500 copies 16 pages and another quote for 20 pages. How long will it take to print and deliver if artwork and payment is done at the latest Friday 6 April?

15. How much per page for photocopying ?

16. 100 pages hardcover

17. we need some reply paid enveloped printed. We have the artwork. I would like a quote for 250 and 500 DL and C5 envelopes. printing on one side only in black.

18. single sided , numbered, black and white raffle tickets

19. It is shown as black with a white background but I would like it to be white with a clear background. It is being used on a custom fishing rod and needs to be very small as it is just a little logo for the rod. I would like a few in various different sizes but all fairly small between 1-3cm.

20. Both side printing 135 gm Matt finish

21. Black and white, 80gsm, probably card cover

22. Can you please quote on a 20PP Booklet A4 CMYK, 250gsm cover -150gsm pages, saddle stitched x quantity 120 and 250 and 500 + delivery to Chatswood
What’s the quickest turnaround time if we needed it Monday 16th? When would you need artwork by? Preferably packed in boxes with 50-60 quantity in each.

23. Receipt books 20

24. rebranding, need new a4 presentation folders

25. We have 2 people that require business card asap. I have attached one of them. The other is the same format but has 2 more lines for his title

26. 21cm wide by 9.5cm high and 20 pages each book. 100 books are required – for pickup on the weekend if possible. Cheapest option to be provided

27. Please provide quotes for 500 and 1000 presentation folders
– A4
– 300 gms matt & 350gsm matt options
– Full Colour CMYK
– Matt Celloglazing

28. May I please have a quote (or approx price range) for 50 white B4 envelopes 100GSM custom print

29. Two copies, for vehicle. Native size (about 380mm high x 220mm wide)

30. Need 5 invoice books

31. I want my logo on the books with bank details to pay into

32. 14pt gloss preferably

33. double sided colour flyer print required to be delivered

34. is it at all possible to print this image out as 3 vinyl stickers with each one of the 3 colours printed as a separate sticker and the stickers scaled so that it’s 38mm from the top of the lettering to the bottom and if at all possible could you make the black background transparent?

35. I need to have this A0 sized poster printed by 10AM Monday morning, if there is a choice between matte or glossy, i prefere matte, if I can have it printed today (Friday 27th April), I would be even happier :D. Most sites I have looked at have delivery as their only option however I would prefer to pick it up instead of having it delivered.

36. I am enquiring on getting 100 Presentation Folders printed for our company. We require A4 (slightly larger) in matt navy blue finish with our company logo in the right bottom hand corner. We also would like our company details to be printed on the back (address telephone number) and 2 business card holders in the inside of the folder. I would also like to have 100 notepads printed too.

37. if i would be able to get a quote.

The details of the quote include:
– 20 pages in total.
– The two external pages having a 200-250 GSM with a matte finish.
– The internal pages having a 60-100 GSM with a lustre finish.
– Can i please get a price variance between a stapled spine and a woven spine.
– Can i please get a price variance between 500 copies and a 1000 copies.

38. 150gsm gloss paper. Will have to collect or free delivery? When would it be ready by?

39. Matte finish (for writing in)
150gsm for pages
200gsm for covers?
8 pages in total
Full colour

40. I need 5000 raffle tickets numbered 0001 – 5000 perforated and in colour.

41. Could you please send us a quote for flyers, 5000 printed on both sides on matte paper, size DL 99 x 210mm.

Also 5000 same paper but printed for one side only.

42. I am trying to make special chairs for a bride and groom for their wedding with decals of their wedding logo (they have two, so I want to use one for the bride and one for the groom). I have attached the two files. The seats are white wooden chairs and the dimensions of the seat are: Seat width: 41 cm; Seat depth: 38 cm. So I was thinking the decals to be between 30 and 35 cm. Can you please send me a quote for two such decals? If this is something you do, I might also order names for the backs of the chairs as well with the logo a bit smaller next to the name….Can this be done too?

43. Colour double sided and 400 gsm thickness

44. would also like envelopes for them to fix in too please

45. Our company would like to print some company envelopes attached in the email. Can you give me a quote for minimum quantities of 500 for C4 & C5 sizes?

46. Corflute signage – print one side

47. We require a quote for a Bi-fold we need printed. In gloss or matt coated 100# text weight paper.

48. Quote on 500 and 1000 x A4 double sided prints, full colour.

49. we’re a new business and would like to please get a quote for 20 presentation folders, branded.
I’d love a qoute and if we proceed, would these be completed by the 25th May?

50. I am looking for printed gift cards for use as giveaways and comps.

The cards are require to be sent to channel 10 studios and radio stations in line with giveaways and comps I will run with them.

From existing customer experience, what would be a solution to how the winner can redeem their gift card when shopping my site? Would I be required to create a discount code for you to print on the cards? Or would I be required to hand write the code on each card?

51. School Raffle Tickets – standard size raffle ticket previously sized at 210mm x 74mm. Could you please quote on 70mm x 200mm.
80gsm stock & stapled on left
White paper printed with black ink.
Books of 20 tickets (300 books)
We could design artwork when we have prizes confirmed.

52. Corflute with our prints.

53. label size 180mm long , 105mm high . -writting size 8mm high 5 mm wide . -font Arial -bold & Black letters on yellow vinyl stickers . Please centre all writing we require 100 copies of the 2 types of stickers

54. I need 50 booklets printed out – cover to be colour, rest of document black and white only. Currently 46 pages. Finalised copy can be provided by Midmorning on Friday. Plastic ring bound, with a cardboard back and clear plastic cover. The cover to have a small pocket for us to put a USB dive in. I will provide PDF file. Please provide quote for booklets with and without pocket for USB.

55. Magazine; A5, 20 Pages, Staple Binding, Cover Pages 300 GSN, Inside Pages 100-150 thickness, Matte Finish

56. I am looking for a sticker to dress up the front of a small electrical control box that we are designing.

57. I’d like a custom duplicate invoice book please. I need it to take orders at a trade show. I’ve not ordered one before so let me know if you need more details. I’m guessing I’d need maybe 100 pages with my company logo and details printed on the pages.

58. I am planning to start a coloured newspaper/magazine of size 380 mm X 250 mm for community services. The number of pages will be 45. I am starting with a circulation of 500 copies every week. This gonna be a weekly newspaper so I need long term commitment. Please honour the price considering the commitment. Please send me quote on my email for the following paper:-

1) Calendered or glossy paper

2) Matt finished paper

3) Machine Coated

4) Lightweight coated Please advise other suitable paper as well.

59. I want to have a quote about 1000 DL envelops with window surface.

60. i need 15000 flyers, may i plz know the price and if i order today can i get it by friday evening

61. could you please provide a quote for art work design and printing out 50 card?

62. I have 10 double sided sheets of paper to be printed in colour, (297mm x 297mm)